The Gallery

In my real life, I'm a high school Literature teacher. Digging was put on the back-burner for a bit while school was getting a little insane. With school now out, the hope is that I can post more frequently. (that is if there are bands out there that I dig)

The Gallery. Where to start? This band was brought to my attention a while back and I liked them. Never got a chance to really sit down to listen. Well their new (to me at least)
EP Come Alive is absolutely filled to the brim with hook after hook. The Gallery infuse their down home guitar-driven songs with heart and soul. Lead singer Brendan Cooney has a sincere voice where every line he sings just hits you. The Gallery are very much feeling a Rooney vibe on the killer opening track "Catalyst." Chugging guitars give way to pounding drums mixed with great lines about that girl who leads you on but leaves you hanging. (You put a spark to this/You were the gasoline/You were the catalyst) Also, check out the mid-tempo "Ballroom of Broken Hearts" for a good representation of what The Gallery does best.

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