The Jim Ivins Band

Shifting through all the music submissions here at Digging For Days can get a little overwhelming. You've got to be able to sort through all the PR hype to really find some great stuff. With that said, I usually always listen to bands that personally send some of their music for sampling. The Jim Ivins Band normally wouldn't have been on my radar but Mr. Ivins himself sent me their new album Everything We Wanted (available 2/25), and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

Kicking things off with properly is their first single "The Sight of Fire," with its soaring chorus and tale of self-destruction. With smart lines like "Funny how we kill ourselves when we try to feel alive," this is one finely crafted pop/rock song. And that brand of pop/rock is what Jim Ivins Band does so well. Everything We Wanted is filled with hook-y songs in the same vein. If you like the song below, definitely check out their new album available digitally in all the usual places.

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The Sight of Fire-


Green River Ordinance

I never really gave Green River Ordinance a chance. I listened a couple of their songs a looong time ago and wasn't impressed. Fast-forward to today and I'm glad to say that I gave them a second listen. GRO are all at once dynamic, laid back, and hummable.

Their new album Under Fire is set to come out on February 28th and if their lead single "Heart of Me" is any indication, this is going to be an album full of growth. The songwriting is sharper, the hooks crisper, and it just seems like a stronger effort. "Heart of Me" starts with buzzed out guitars and really takes off with Josh Jenkins vocal delivery. (And they are giving the song away for free here!) Green River Ordinance is proof that bands sometime deserve another listen.

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Heart of Me-


Good Old War

Good Old War specialize in breezy, folk-rock with incredible hooks. I first heard about them a few years ago with their self-titled album, and they are gearing up to release their brand new one in March. Titled Come Back as Rain, Good Old War are back with their summery flair in full force. 

Lead single "Calling Me Names" is quite the toe-tapper with lead singer Keith Goodwin really letting some person who has done him wrong have it. He rattles off lines such as, "Instead of making sense and talking like we’re friends, you think it’s a better idea calling me names" all over a jangly laid back acoustic guitar. If you haven't checked out Good Old War before, do yourself a favor and get some of their music to prepare for those lazy summer nights. 

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Calling Me Names-