You know that juicer you bought because you wanted to get healthy. And then you read the recipe on the box and you're like, "Spinach, cucumber, flax seed, and a banana is not going to turn out great." And then you taste it...and you're like "uhhh...this combination is delicious. Who knew?" Grizfolk is like that. Americana rock with synth-pop sensibilities just does not sound like it would go down smoothly. One listen and you'll wonder why more bands aren't mixing it up like these guys. 

Lead single "The Struggle" is a bouncy synth-filled ode to 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' with hopeful lines like, "The struggle you are up against makes you who you are." Lead singer Adam Roth kills the vocals at every turn. On some tracks his voice is buzzed out against a percussion heavy beat as on "Hymnals," and others it's piercing with no effects as on the road weary "Vagabonds." 

Grizfolk is mixing genres with expertise and are definitely worth a taste. Pick up their EP sampler Indian Summer right now on NoiseTrade.

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