Jared &the Mill

Folk-rock seems to be having its Golden Age right now. Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, and even Avett Brothers are leading the charge. Banjo is no longer the death knell for rock music. In fact, folk-rock lends itself to multiple genres and thus can reach more fans. Jared & the Mill is a six-piece band from Arizona that produces toe-tapping tunes with a plumb. (The American answer to Mumford & Sons if anyone wants a comparison.)

Their debut album Western Expansion is loaded with twang and hooks to spare. Their signature tune Breathe Me In is a testament to being accepted fully in a relationship. It begins with gorgeous harmonies and acoustic guitar before the tempo picks up to full force. The title track though is what stopped me in my tracks. It's a classic follow your big city dreams song. Lines like, "The call you always thought was best was the very one that drove you out west," sets the tone, and the band builds to such a climax with lead singer Jared Kolesar reaching his vocal limits. It closes out a very solid debut from such a young band. 

With a powerhouse of a debut, Jared & the Mill are sure to force the folk-rock genre to sit up and take notice.

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