As summer is winding down for me, I'm wringing the last drops of sun and freedom. Vacationer caught my attention simply because their name seemed appropriate. Their new album Relief also seemed to fit the bill for my state of mind, and boy does this Philly band deliver. Filled with laid back grooves and easy melodies, Vacationer sure do know how to put the listener in a specific state of mind. 

The best of the bunch come in a duo of songs that have, rightly so, been released as singles-"The Wild Life" and "Paradise Waiting," with the latter being a musical representation of an actual paradise. A slow saloon piano groove plays throughout and even comes complete with the warming sounds that only a turntable playing a well worn record can create. Lead singer Kenny Vasoli paints an image of a paradise not only in the literal sense but what mood is created when you're anywhere with that special person. ("When you look in my eyes you'll find the pleasure is mine, there's a paradise waiting for us in summertime.")

Vacationer create feel good summery music that should be played while enjoying the last drops of summer. 

Paradise Waiting-