The Royal Sons

It's been another long while. I don't ever forget to update DFD, but I really only want to put on bands and artists that I feel are good enough. After randomly catching their OneRepublic mash-up on YouTube, I started traveling down the digital road to discover more music from The Royal Sons. Their type of music is very much in the same vein as OneRepublic. They have a pop/rock sensibility with a true singer/songwriter vibe. Lead singer Landon Maslyn has a voice that seems to cut through; it's very honest. On standout tracks like "Victim" and "Holding You Back" The Royal Sons paint a (very catchy) picture of relationships gone bad especially on the former with lines like "You're a victim in your own life...push me away because I'm close to you." If you're into emotionally charged vocals with a guitar driven melodies this is the band for you. All of their songs can be downloaded for free here.

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OneRepublic Medley-

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