Sonia Leigh

Confession time. It was last year when a friend of mine told me about Sonia. She was getting married and had given me a list of songs she definitely wanted played at her wedding. "Poem From the Ocean Floor" was on that list. I completely forgot about this excellent artist until today. 

If you are a fan of Grace Potter or Brandi Carlile then Sonia Leigh needs to be in your playlist. Leigh has one of those voices that is soulful with a slight gruff that immediately draws you in. And a sound that is just this side of country rock. With a new album, 1978 December due in August, Sonia has released a new single called "My Name is Money." A mid-tempo toe-tapper, Leigh lyrically details all the highs and lows money can bring. Don't let it be a year (like I did) until you truly appreciate how great this artist is.

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Not so much a new band, but SafetySuit have a new album coming out sometime soon. While initial reports have put it sometime in June, I think it's safe to say it'll be a little later. They had a modest hit with "Stay" off their debut Life Left to Go, I have a sneaking suspicion that their new single will surely propel them to a lot of radio play. "Get Around This" is a heartfelt apology of a song filled with strings and pleading vocals. (You and I, we had it all, I wonder why I let it fall) And bonus, if you "Like" them of Facebook, you can get a free download of this song.

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Taddy Porter

Take equal parts Southern rock, gnarling guitars, and raw energy and you've pretty much got Oklahoma's own Taddy Porter. While they may be confused as a single person, they are in fact 4 guys strong. Andy Brewer's lead vocals tear through every single song. (very reminiscent of Will Hoge) "Railroad Queen" is on a fast-paced tear, while "Shake Me" recalls '70s rock at its best with a danceable beat.  But it's "In the Morning" that really shows off Taddy Porter, combining catchy melodies with Brewer's soaring vocals. 

Anyone looking for a band that rips a raw nerve without leaving a scar, Taddy Porter is definitely for you. 

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Much like Switchfoot, Abandon have found the sweet spot between mainstream rock and Christian rock. These five guys from Texas may be a Christian rock band but their lyrics are not overt about it. They provide a great message with their music all the while wanting the listener to dive deeper into the meaning. You may have heard one of their songs already without even realizing it because Food Network is currently using "Live It Out" in some of their commercials. I am not ashamed to say that is where I heard of them.) 

Upon further digging, Abandon live up to what "Live It Out" suggests- clean guitar riffs, danceable grooves, and catchy melodies. Their most recent album Control is filled with several danceable songs which akin back to early Killers. "Feel It In Your Heart" is as catchy as they come. And with lyrics like 'You can say all the right things but in the end what does it mean?', Abandon is getting you to ask yourself the hard questions without hitting you over the head. Don't let the label of "Christian rock" deter you from music this fun.

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Plan B

Plan B (AKA Strickland Banks) specializes in retro soul...with rap? I know, it shouldn't work, it sounds like a terrible combination (like fish and chocolate), but Plan B completely pulls it off. With a nod to Mark Ronson, who in my opinion started the whole modern retro soul, Plan B is at his best on the slinky "She Said" and the frenzied violins of "The Recluse."

A bigger star over in the UK, Plan B's musical stylings is so effortless and that is what makes it so great. He is not trying too hard. After listening to his album The Defamation of Strickland Banks, I haven't found one song that I didn't like. And to top things off all of his music videos tell a narrative if watched in order. So if you're tired of the same ol' same ol', you can always fall back on Plan B. 
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