Dominique Pruitt

Dominique Pruitt is your new summer siren obsession. Latest single "To Win Your Love" is soaked in retro surf guitars and has a bouncy beat. Pruitt has a slight rasp in her voice that really distinguishes her from other artists. I liken her to a poppy version of Best Coast. 

 She is currently recording her first album and if this single is any indication of the direction expect great thing from this girl. Discover her here first so when you hear her on the radio you can truly be ahead of the curve.

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Rayland Baxter

Rayland Baxter lives somewhere in between rootsy Americana and sensitive singer/songwriter all the while keeping the hooks and melodies at the forefront. His debut album feathers and fishHooks (out 8/28) is aptly named as many of his songs take on a rather outdoor open-air quality with acoustic guitar and mandolin. 

"Driveway Melody" is toe tapper worthy of a summer playlist. Baxter fills every inch of music with a nostalgic touch of Americana and his voice has that touch of rasp giving it a lived in quality. On the quiet "The Woman For Me" Baxter sings to those who are still looking for love with lines likes "Don't matter where I go/ Don't matter what I see/ I ain't never gonna find the woman for me." Rayland Baxter tells simple stories through heartfelt songs. A great combination in today's music landscape.

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