OK, I'm taking a break from the rootsy stuff to bring you some good old fashioned alt-rock. 

Formed from the various pieces of other (pretty well known) bands, TEAM finds a way to take those pieces and build upon them. Each member brings their strength to solidify a stellar result. With several singles and an EP under their belt, this group specializes in thoroughly modern indie music. It's great to hear that not only are the vocal hooks strong, but also on songs like "Am I Alive," the guitars get equal time to shine. 

This soaring standout track questions a daily routine filled with repetition and what it means to actually live, singing "Am I alive or just breathing?" Another propulsive track that ruminates on the meaning of life is "Human War Machine." With its sing along chorus yearning to be "something other than machines," TEAM finds itself with a touch of '90s nostalgia guitar riffs

So far all of TEAM's pieces seem to fit the bill for an excellent upcoming EP. 

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Grace and Tony

You've got punk music in my bluegrass. You've got bluegrass in my punk music. Like Reese's peanut butter cups before them, Grace and Tony are a perfect blend of two great tastes that taste great together. Hailing, from Tennessee Grace Schultz Tony White could very well stand on their on two feet as solo artists, but they combine the lilting melodies and storytelling of bluegrass music with the fierce power of punk rock to electrifying results. 

Their album November came out fittingly this past November via Kickstarter and it brings to mind that other dynamic folk duo The Civil Wars (It doesn't hurt that Tony's brother is John Paul White of The Civil Wars) And while that group may be on a permanent hiatus, Grace and Tony are more than capable to pick up the gauntlet that was thrown down. Their  voices are the stars here, his pipes showcase a well-worn grit while hers are sweet and smooth. Apart they are great, but it's when they sing together that the listener is truly transported. 

On tracks such as the mandolin toe-tapper, "Hey Grace, Hey Tony" they trade verses about how much they can't live without each other, and it's about as sweet and romantic as you can imagine with lines like, "Scooch right up beside me, peck me on my cheek, put your hand in my hand, baby just be sweet to me." And the the title track is musically dark and foreboding but the lyrics are full of the hope of finding that special someone. Again, the mixture of themes fits perfectly here.

Grace and Tony provide instantly enjoyable Americana music with a punk rock edge that will definitely make music fans, regardless of genre, sit up and take notice. 

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