The Dirty Guv'nahs

New music comes from everywhere, even my friends have some stuff up their sleeves. (Thanks Cate) Knoxville's The Dirty Guv'nahs provide their own foot-stomping blues rock with a Southern soul twist. Lead singer James Trimble is an enigmatic frontman with a voice that is as at home on barn burners such as "It's Dangerous" as he is on the beautifully sad "The Country." Youth is in Our Blood is the sophomore album that finds The Guv'nahs polishing up their hooks and ratcheting up their energy. Two stand-out tracks are the nostalgic "Baby We Were Young" and the yearning "Wide Awake." Both provide a glimpse into the two mindset of these "Dirty" guys: rocking out and quieting down. And with a live show that is wall to wall frenetic energy, these Guv'nahs are campaigning for buzz band of 2011.
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