American Authors

Brooklyn's American Authors combine alt-rock and Americana in one fell swoop. With only a couple songs under their belt, American Authors are sure to catch on much like Imagine Dragons and fun. before them. Led by the bombastic vocals of Zac Barnett and the banjo licks of James Adam Shelley, these Authors bring something a little different to the scene.  

The optimistic "Believers" opens with a driving drum beat and plucky banjo, but these guys are far from your average Mumford & Sons bandwagon hoppers. They round out their sound with fuzzy guitars and vocals. 

But it is on "Best Day of My Life' that asserts itself as an earworm begging to dig itself in your subconscious and stay there. With its affirming chorus, Barnett is almost willing himself to have "the best day of [his] life." Only two songs and a cover of Ellie Goulding's "Lights" (that will make you actually want to hear that song again) American Authors are hitting all the right notes.

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