Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons have Vegas opulence mixed with a pop/rock sensibility. Their new album It's Time could signify their sense of expectation and it should. Lead singer Dan Reynolds sings with passion and on the title track (their best) he employs, over a hand clap/stomp beat, that "It's time to begin, isn't it? I get a little bit bigger but I'll admit I'm just the same as I was." A good message for those who lose their way when they get a little taste of success. "Look How Far We've Come" is an upbeat track with dream-like guitar lines. Imagine Dragons works best when they really let themselves go and definite one to watch.

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Charlie Simpson

3 years ago I blogged about Charlie Simpson's band, Fightstar, and was quite impressed. One of the biggest draws was Simpson's voice. It immediately draws you in with its rasp and tone. Charlie is now going at it alone with his solo album Young Pilgrim expected to drop on August 15th in the UK. (No word yet on a US release) 

First single "Down Down Down" has been on  a loop since I first heard it. A touching ballad that incorporates lush vocal harmonies and lyrics that cut to the bone. (My nights are so long without you and my days speed up, my God, I'll never let go of you now) After hearing a couple of tracks off the new album, Simpson is heading into a new territory. Less hard rock, more instrumentation; a more singer/songwriter vibe. He wouldn't be out of place at a Mumford & Sons concert oddly enough, especially on "Farmer and His Gun". The change is exquisite and works on so many levels. Fingers crossed that Young Pilgrim will make the jump across the pond.

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Tally Hall

Tally Hall is as carefree as they come on "You & Me." With a pounding bass line and a summery chorus, Tally Hall have created a perfect open road radio song. Their second album, Good & Evil has a couple of similar songs but none quite hit the effervescence of their lead single. "&" is a distorted gem, with background vocals that repeat "and" over and (hey!) over again; very catchy. What Tally Hall lacks is sheer force they make up in catchy pop melodies. Beware this band will cause humming days later.

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