Ryn Weaver

Should you feel badly for liking pop music? Well if it's Ryn Weaver' s brand of pop the answer is a resounding, "No!" Instantly catchy, insanely intricate, and forward thinking, Weaver has woven (no pun intended) herself into a nifty niche of the pop scene inhabited by a select few. Sky Ferreira and Ellie Goulding being a quick comparison. 

Ryn Weaver's break out single, "OctaHate," rewards on multiple listens. Co-written by Ryn and Charli XCX and produced by some of music's most innovative minds (Cashmere Cat, Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos, and Benny Blanco if you're keeping score), this tribal stomp with electronic touches is held together by Weaver's cool sonic warble. Why this song has not caught on at radio, I have no idea. "Promises" is another, ahem, promising track with its jittery vocal loops and laid back vibe. 

Weaver will release her debut album The Fool in June but if her Promises EP is any indication of what to expect, 2015 is looking to become a red letter year. An artist to keep your eye on for sure in the new year.