Alex Clare

 Mix David Gray, James Morrison, The Black Keys, and dubstep(?!) and you've got Alex Clare. This troubadour has such soul and sadness in his voice, it's a wonder that he isn't more well-known. That may be about to change. Clare's bluesy single "Too Close" was recently used in an Internet Explorer commercial (which is how I came across his music) and I have to imagine that many more discovered his music that way as well. 

His album The Lateness of the Hour is not available in the US (yet?) but you can get a few singles from iTunes, the aforementioned "Too Close" and the insanely catchy and bombastic "Up All Night." The latter finds Clare furiously recounting his partying ways "going on and on and on..." But it's on the soulful "Hummingbird" where he really finds his wings both musically and lyrically comparing his reluctant lover to a hummingbird hovering and as "I float near you fly away." 

Alex Clare may not be a household name yet, but by God he deserves to be. Just take one listen below and trust me, you will be searching for more.

Alex Clare- Facebook
Up All Night