Jamestown Revival

Forgive me readers for I have sinned. It has been much too long since my last post. But really I've not been impressed with a lot of stuff that's been sent my way. Until now...

Jamestown Revival is Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance. Hailing from Austin, Revival is musical equivalent of riding in the back of a truck on a spring day down a dirt road. There's a down home feel that runs through their EP titled Knives and Pipes

The simplicity on display here perfectly showcases the harmonies that Clay and Chance can achieve. From the chugging lines of "Looking For The Right Thing" (which brings to mind Johnny Cash) to the bluesy "Ain't It A Shame," Jamestown Revival proves that The Black Keys aren't the only ones who know their way around the blues. While they never quite reach the heights of the Keys, with their recent entry into the Rolling Stone cover competition, that is sure to change. Vote for JR to grace to cover of Rolling Stone here.

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Civil Engineer BEng said...

Saw these guys last night in the Biltmore Caberet in Vancouver! They were supporting the Coronas. I'm from Ireland and have never heard them before but I was blown away.

They are outstanding! The world needs to hear their music!