Marianas Trench

It's been a while, I know, but I haven't been excited about any new band or artist in a while. Marianas Trench (while not new) are certainly worthy. Their new concept album Ever After, is a breath of fresh air. From beginning to end, there is not a bad song in the bunch. Each track is unpredictable with the epic opening number shifting tempos 3 times. (!) Lead singer Josh Ramsay is at the helm and delivers in spades. Ramsay's voice soars and is a thing to behold. One of the best vocalists singing right now (and arguably ever). Several times, he hit notes with such power that it literally gave me chills. 

Ever After does have a larger story to tell and while this theme lends itself to repeat listening, I prefer to just sing along. Stutter is an upbeat, hand-clapping, harmonizing masterpiece of pop music. Truth or Dare starts and stops with a breakneck beat. Marianas Trench are more popular in their native Canada but with songs this strong, they are just beginning to boil here in the US. 

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