Max and the Moon

When you have a song called "Out of My Head," before you even press play there's an underlying feeling that it will stick with you all day. Max and the Moon have done just that. Blending vocal harmonies, danceable beats, and a backwards playing hook a la Missy Elliot, Max and the Moon have crafted pop/rock perfection. Much in the same vein as Foster the People, MATM lean a little more the folky side on other tracks off their new EP The Way I See

Lead by John Velasquez, this four piece from Southern California soak in the their Southern Cali roots on the Beach Boys-esque "Light House," filling the track with harmonies around every turn. Max and the Moon are a stealthy type. Their songs will find a place in your day when you least expect it, which could good or bad depending on how you look at. With songs this well crafted, it's definitely a good thing. 

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