Rayland Baxter

Rayland Baxter lives somewhere in between rootsy Americana and sensitive singer/songwriter all the while keeping the hooks and melodies at the forefront. His debut album feathers and fishHooks (out 8/28) is aptly named as many of his songs take on a rather outdoor open-air quality with acoustic guitar and mandolin. 

"Driveway Melody" is toe tapper worthy of a summer playlist. Baxter fills every inch of music with a nostalgic touch of Americana and his voice has that touch of rasp giving it a lived in quality. On the quiet "The Woman For Me" Baxter sings to those who are still looking for love with lines likes "Don't matter where I go/ Don't matter what I see/ I ain't never gonna find the woman for me." Rayland Baxter tells simple stories through heartfelt songs. A great combination in today's music landscape.

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