A Lion Named Roar

I first heard of A Lion Named Roar after just stumbling upon them in one of those constant YouTube video clip loops. (We've all been there) At the time, I was impressed, but there wasn't really much in the way of actually purchasing any of their music. On November 27th, ALNR will put out their Foreign Land EP. While this isn't a full length album, they are following in the Imagine Dragons blueprint. Release an EP, gain some buzz, release the LP, BAM! Instant hit band. 

With huge hooks and a pop/rock sensibility these guys from Kentucky are clamoring to be heard. With first single "This Won't Last For Long," lead singer Chris Jackson soars on a song about cherishing moments as they come. "Noon" starts off with a western whistle and churns along with stiff swagger. "Remember Me"(a personal favorite) is filled with excellent lyrics about losing your identity in a relationship with a chugging beat. ("When days are gone and you're not around anymore will i remember me?") A Lion Named Roar could stand to roar a little louder at some moments, but this EP shows a ton of potential for a band that lives up to the hype.

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