Striking Matches

Simply put Striking Matches has spark. Sarah Zimmerman and Justin Davis provide exquisite harmonies on their debut self-titled EP. Many fans will come to know them from their song "When the Right One Comes Along" featured on ABC's Nashville (but sung with such restraint by Sam Palladio), but that is not where the discovery should end. These Matches are at their best when they are singing their hearts out about love lost.

On "When the Right One Comes Along" Zimmerman sings about the ease at which love should happen. ("What they're thinking/What you're feeling/You'll no longer have to guess/All those questions finally put to rest when the right one comes along") Another gem not found our their debut is "Not the One." Another brilliantly written ode to resigning to the fact that you are not the one meant to be with another. Striking Matches not only have the music and talent to make it big, but they also have the songwriting capabilities that will give them longevity.

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Anonymous said...

Love this group!! So talented and great music! Hope they go far!!