OK, I'm taking a break from the rootsy stuff to bring you some good old fashioned alt-rock. 

Formed from the various pieces of other (pretty well known) bands, TEAM finds a way to take those pieces and build upon them. Each member brings their strength to solidify a stellar result. With several singles and an EP under their belt, this group specializes in thoroughly modern indie music. It's great to hear that not only are the vocal hooks strong, but also on songs like "Am I Alive," the guitars get equal time to shine. 

This soaring standout track questions a daily routine filled with repetition and what it means to actually live, singing "Am I alive or just breathing?" Another propulsive track that ruminates on the meaning of life is "Human War Machine." With its sing along chorus yearning to be "something other than machines," TEAM finds itself with a touch of '90s nostalgia guitar riffs

So far all of TEAM's pieces seem to fit the bill for an excellent upcoming EP. 

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