Banjo seems to be winding down on its 15 minutes now that the granddaddy of the folk rock movement, Mumford & Sons, has gone electric. It's nice to know that there's still life left in it yet with Dillon Hodges aka Firekid. This Alabama native recently signed with Atlantic Records and is busy working on a full length LP set to release in August. He's released a live album with only 4 songs, but they're enough to know that this Kid will be, ahem, on fire. 

"Magic Mountain" begins with driving force amid a purposeful guitar line before becoming fully realized in its blast of a chorus with Hodges singing about the joy of your childhood memories. Hodges' vocals are distinctive with great range with a slight Phillip Phillips vibe going on. (Why Six Flags has not gotten ahold of this song for their promotions is beyond me. It's screaming to be heard en masse.)

Firekid displays a knack for the folk rock genre in the few songs I've heard, but something tells me we have only scratched the surface of what he has to offer. 

Magic Mountain- 

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