Side Saddle

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Indie rock seems to be taking a dive into the electronic sides of things lately. I can't complain, but there is never a substitute for actual instruments being played. Side Saddle create indie rock with an Americana twist. Their EP Young Professional came out in back July and this band should be on your radar for their musicianship, melodies, and subject matter. A good place to start is their epic track, "Legs for Days." Besides its intriguing title, this song encompasses the phrase "Wait for it," as it builds and builds to  a massive climax. It's a blistering break-up tune with lead singer Ian McGuinness calmly singing about the bitter end of a relationship by plainly saying "if you want to go, hit the g-damn road because staying here with me is not making you happy." 

While the lyrics will leave a red mark, the music sets a 'calm before the storm' with peaceful organ flourishes and slide guitar building to a chugging, reassuring climax with McGuinness finding resolve in another woman whose "legs go on for days." Side Saddle perfectly mix singer-songwriter aesthetics with indie Americana. Dive in to the beautifully shot "Legs for Days" video below and get lost in the story before trying other tracks on for size. 

Legs for Days-

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