Mumford & Sons

I've had their debut, Sigh No More, for a little while now and was so enthralled with it that I forgot that I never formally posted about them on DFD. Well consider them posted.

Mumford & Sons is a folk/bluegrass/rock band that encompasses everything that is great about that particular genre. Their musicianship is uncontested. Their lyrics are seething. And lead singer Marcus Mumford's voice is probably one of the best. Ever. His tone is all gin-soaked rasp and rage. He can take the most mundane of songs and transform it into something altogether great.

On Sigh No More, Mumford & Sons are coming to you full throttle. From the run-for-your-money banjo fueled The Cave to the absolutely terrifying (in a good way) Dust Bowl Dance. The latter telling of a man who has been wronged and takes matters into his own hands. (There will come a time I will look in your eye/You will pray to the God that you always denied/The I'll go out back and I'll get my gun) But nothing can compare to the quiet start and blistering finish of their best track White Blank Page. Mumford lulls the listener into a sense of security with its simple melody and lyrics and somewhere around 1:30 mark turns it all out. And when he sings about a swelling rage, you feel it just as much as he does.

Mumford & Sons excel at the slow build. Stick with their songs long enough and you will be rewarded with a rich and awr inspiring listening experience. Be sure to check out their debut when it hits stores on February 10th.

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jeremy said...

loving this band right now. i have to say they remind me of kings of leon but british and maybe sober!