The Hours

The Olympics are here! That's not why posting has been very light recently. (Blame my real paying job) I'm sitting watching the Olympics and a commercial comes on. I naturally get up and do something productive but there is a song that keeps me from leaving the room. It's a pounding, very inspirational tune, with a slight British leaning sound. I stick around for the whole thing, track it down, and here we are.

The band is called The Hours. The song is Ali in the Jungle. Ali being of the Muhammad variety. The commercial is the newest from Nike. I strongly you suggest you check out both the band and the commercial. They're both worth your time. From London, The Hours start out with a banging piano and some hand claps. It builds with lines like Everybody gets knocked down/How quick are you gonna get up? And as the music swells the guys really start getting the song off the ground. Paired with the commercial, it is chill worthy.

The Hours- Myspace
Ali in the Jungle-

Nike Commercial-