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Of Fools and Gold by Jason Zerbin

Attention all networks! Jason Zerbin wants to be the soundtrack to your TV show. Of Fools and Gold is the debut album from Jason Zerbin and his band and is filled to the brim with songs of love. It's as if Grey's Anatomy need not look any further to score a scene. Jason Zerbin follows in the Snow Patrol/Coldplay genre of music; strong, melancholy melodies, a smooth voiced lead singer. I Want You is a mid-tempo toe-tapper that builds to a yearning chorus. It's one of the strongest tracks only because it's a welcome change of pace. Album opener, Here on the Edge, has an urgent sense to it with it's choppy backbeat. The title track is another highlight is a slow burner about longing to be in love and how foolish it can seem. (We've been chasing love like a pot of gold)

But for all the great tracks their are those that don't quite get off the ground. Collide goes on without much of a melody and The Haunting just didn't come together for me. Of Fools and Gold is weighed down with too many down tempo songs that don't have much room to go anywhere. But when Zerbin is firing on all cylinders you completely believe everything he sings about. I only wish that the songs were as strong as his voice. The album has a bit of a split personality. The first half is as strong as ever, with the the last half feeling a little uneven. Of Fools and Gold is a solid album filled with potential. If only the title delivered more gold instead silver. B-

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