Alpha Rev

So February came and went with only one post. (I've been extremely busy.)Hopefully March will have more. And Alpha Rev will be kicking it off. Alpha Rev is from Austin and led by Casey McPherson (formerly of Endochine-the rock band with that one song from the Levi's commercial) Anyway, I came across Alpha Rev randomly on iTunes and after being featured on Melrose Place, they are poised for a breakout.

They may already be in the process of doing so. Their song Colder Months is the very definition of a slow burn. Led by piano and McPherson's powerful vocals it perfectly describes that feeling of loss and pain. These thoughts of pain, don't make a sound/They keep us hidden in the lost and found. They are set to release their album New Morning on April 20th. The title track off that album just became available and is another slow burner. Starting with a a choppy guitar line, it has a little more grit and showcases McPherson's excellent falsetto. I usually don't like guys singing high, but he switches beautifully back to his chest voice. (I did learn something from American Idol)

Be sure to check out this band as they are already on the verge.

Alpha Rev- Myspace
Colder Months(Live)-

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