Erik Hassle

Who knew VH1 would provide me with some great music. Well they play music in the early morning and there I was suffering through those same old videos they play all the freaking time and then Erik Hassle's video for Hurtful came on. I've never heard of Mr. Hassle before and was blown away by his tone, and his song. Upon further research Hassle, who hails from Sweden, released his debut album Pieces back in February. It's filled with pop fueled rock with a hint of electronica and may not be for the indie crowd.

On Hurtful, Hassle creates an atmospheric quality with loud drums and a quiet undertone of synths. It's a slow burner with a burst of a chorus. One of the best off of Pieces. Don't Bring Flowers is a guitar driven groove that really show off Hassle's knack for the unexpected. Where you expect the song to lift off it holds back. Erik's voice is what drives all of his songs though. He cuts through the music with his pure vocals. A bit of soul, a bit of pop, with a healthy dose of electronica all make for a great new find. Keep your ears open for this guy on the radio.

Erik Hassle- Myspace

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