The Tails

I get sent a lot of music to be featured here on Digging. I sift through them all and only bring you (what I think is) the best. A lot of bands don't really make the cut but The Tails definitely did. I was surprised to tell you the truth because I've been going through a musical drought. The Tails consist of cousins Craig and Mike Chambers from Long Beach and their music has that California easiness to it. Reminiscent of the Beach Boys with harmonies full of sunshine The Tails provide a much needed jolt of laid back-ness.

is a bouncy number with toy piano and acoustic guitar. It's lightness in its music, though, is a contrast with the lyrics about giving someone space even when it's killing you. (Now I sit on my hands and I'm playing your game/I force myself not to call while you get it all straight.) Check out Science Camp as well, it's a tale of young loves (Where were you when I was through with her? Didn't you know baby that was your turn?) It's one of their catchiest. The Tails are allowing you to download their record for free off of their Myspace page. They may be unheard of now, but once you crank up their songs while soaking up the sun you'll be glad that you dug 'em.

The Tails- Myspace

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