Hurts is usually a band I would bypass. Electronic- 80s Morrissey-esque music but then came that Christmas song that I'm sure everyone has heard by now. ("All I Want for Christmas," no not the Mariah Carey one) It's as melancholy as my favorite Christmas song, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," but it in the best possible way.

Anyway, this song led me to some of their other stuff. It's not all for me, but their song "Stay" is quite possibly the best unrequited love song ever written. (We say goodbye in the pouring rain/And I break down as you walk away/ Stay). Taken off their debut album Happiness, Lead singer Theo Hutchcraft channels Morrissey but with a modern edge. A choir even helps Hutchcraft get the girl to stay. Hurts has a penchant for long slow walking and looking sad but their music is filled with enough synth hooks to carry you through. 

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