Boy & Bear

Cut from the same cloth as Mumford & Sons, Boy & Bear find themselves in that rare to find genre- indie/folk Americana rock. So it's surprising to find out that they hail from Australia. Each member fronted another band at one point in their career and I'm glad that they finally realized that they are better together. Boy & Bear, have a down home sound with catchy hooks and harmonies for days. 

It only takes one listen to B&B to know that they have the goods. Take "Mexican Mavis" for instance. Probably one of their strongest tracks I've heard. With it's choral harmonies and plucked acoustic guitar, "Mavis" is thriving, pounding and an excellent starting point. "Blood to Gold" is a lyrical goldmine (pun intended) about what you have is never enough. ("If this blood don't turn to gold I think I'm doomed") Boy & Bear will definitely get compared to Mumford & Sons (and maybe Fleet Foxes) but I do believe that there is space enough in this musical genre for this excellent band. 

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