Much like Switchfoot, Abandon have found the sweet spot between mainstream rock and Christian rock. These five guys from Texas may be a Christian rock band but their lyrics are not overt about it. They provide a great message with their music all the while wanting the listener to dive deeper into the meaning. You may have heard one of their songs already without even realizing it because Food Network is currently using "Live It Out" in some of their commercials. I am not ashamed to say that is where I heard of them.) 

Upon further digging, Abandon live up to what "Live It Out" suggests- clean guitar riffs, danceable grooves, and catchy melodies. Their most recent album Control is filled with several danceable songs which akin back to early Killers. "Feel It In Your Heart" is as catchy as they come. And with lyrics like 'You can say all the right things but in the end what does it mean?', Abandon is getting you to ask yourself the hard questions without hitting you over the head. Don't let the label of "Christian rock" deter you from music this fun.

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