Sonia Leigh

Confession time. It was last year when a friend of mine told me about Sonia. She was getting married and had given me a list of songs she definitely wanted played at her wedding. "Poem From the Ocean Floor" was on that list. I completely forgot about this excellent artist until today. 

If you are a fan of Grace Potter or Brandi Carlile then Sonia Leigh needs to be in your playlist. Leigh has one of those voices that is soulful with a slight gruff that immediately draws you in. And a sound that is just this side of country rock. With a new album, 1978 December due in August, Sonia has released a new single called "My Name is Money." A mid-tempo toe-tapper, Leigh lyrically details all the highs and lows money can bring. Don't let it be a year (like I did) until you truly appreciate how great this artist is.

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My Name is Money (Live)-

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