Jack and White

Purposefully, deceptively, and yet brilliantly  named Jack and White consists of former American Idol contestant Brooke White and songwriting partner Jack Mantranga. I remember really liking Brooke on AI but then her solo stuff didn't really do anything for me. Well what a difference a duo makes. Jack and White are the perfect blend. Their harmonies are effortless and their songs singable. On their new EP Gemini, they embody a 70s pop vibe, with a summery feel on every note. "Double Trouble" is a laid back affair about a couple of troublemakers who do something troubling. (The singers themselves don't really have a clear answer on that) Jack and White produce such catchy melodies that you can't help but put the repeat button on. A definite surprise for anyone looking for a soundtrack to their next beach party. 

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