Now The Rabbit Has The Gun

There hasn't been a new band that I have completely gone crazy for but the streak is over. The awkwardly named Now The Rabbit Has The Gun is that band. No clue how I came across these guys, but I am extremely glad I did. Where NTRHTG (whew!) really shine is in the the hook of each song, expertly delivered by lead singer Mike Seminari. An earnestness is prevalent in their songs; a vastness that often times is hard to keep on the rails but they manage to do. Especially in the rollicking "The World is Bigger Than You Think," where the chorus literally takes off and doesn't back down. They can switch gears on a dime, with the absolutely heartbreaking "Divide the Knives," which lyrically tells the story of a marriage gone south and the realization that it is ending. (with lines like I know you're just here to pack your things, your half of the memories) AND, they are giving away their music. You can download their album for free here

Now The Rabbit Has The Gun- Facebook
The World Is Bigger Than You Think-


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