Buzz is building for Bastille. These English lads create danceable synth-pop. A bit of a departure from my usual taste in music, but something about lead singer Dan Smith's voice piqued my interest. Vocally I'm reminded of Twin Atlantic, and musically I can hear a little of Phoenix and Franz Ferdinand. 

They released their debut album, Bad Blood, in March, and it is filled with excellent tracks. "Laura Palmer" is a yearning mid-tempo track about following one's heart. It's on "Pompeii," though, that they really find their groove. Filled with choir chants, drum solos, and bouts of killer harmonies, Bastille provide a refreshing take on pop. 

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April Martin said...

Kip, Bastille is absolutely incredible. Thanks for introducing me to them. I might have to look at some of your other posts to find more interesting music than is on the radio.