Surfer Blood

While not a new band per se, alt-rockers Surfer Blood is back with their sophomore album Pythons. (out June 11) I've never really given these guys a chance until recently. Chalk it up to music tastes changing I guess. From the stuff I have heard off their new album, Surfer Blood has grown their music in leaps and bounds from their debut. Their songs seem more bombastic, hummable, and all around more mature.

"Demon Dance" kicks off Pythons with a hook so strong I'm singing in my head right now. Lead singer John Paul Pitts nails the vocal delivery with gusto on the closing moments of the song. This guitar driven album has many more alternative radio gems to spare. I envision Surfer Blood really hitting their much deserved commercial success much in the same way Passion Pit did earlier this year. If you're ready for smart, dark lyrics set to sunny hooks, check out Surfer Blood.

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