The Wild Feathers

The Wild Feathers are an amalgamation of country, rock, and soul. They've perfectly blended genres to appeal to any person who just likes great musicianship. Their sound is accessibly bombastic with equal parts grit and polish. Their self titled debut comes out in August and if their first few singles are any indication, we are talking Mumford & Sons style domination.

"The Ceiling" starts with plucky acoustic guitar and a driving drum beat played with incredible force before quieting down to take the song into an unexpected direction; an excellent first taste.

"Backwoods Company" is a blistering barn stormer filled with hand claps and electric guitar that never lets up. The Wild Feathers know how to layer vocal harmonies to always ground their sound with strong melodies. Never before has a band demanded you take notice of their unique genre-spanning sound. The Wild Feathers are aptly named. 

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