Jonny & Shim

Athens, Georgia is a hotbed of up and coming music. It seems everyone is starting a band and trying to breakthrough there. (R.E.M., The B-52's, Widespread Panic and Alabama Shakes all cut their teeth there after all.) Jonny & Shim are a pop-rock looking to be the next big thing. And the funny thing is-they just might be.

On their self-titled EP, Jonny & Shim navigate laid back beats and melodic guitars that would fit in nicely on a Sublime record or even Jason Mraz. They shine on tracks like the groove filled "Blurry" which has a summer-y hook masking darker lyrics- "All of my days they're getting blurry/I was born to live and die". It's a definite highlight. 

But it's on the expansive sounding "One Little Lie," filled with soaring vocals and lush guitars, that really show Jonny & Shim's potential. It starts with clean guitars and snares but melds into a harmonious chorus. It's on this track where they shine both musically and lyrically. If this EP is any indication of where this band is headed, there are big things in store. 

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One Little Lie

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