Colony House

Not much can be found about Colony House, an indie alt-rock band from Nashville. Made up of former members of the now defunct band Caleb, Colony House consist of brothers Caleb and Will Chapman and their friend Scott Mills. They renamed the band after an apartment complex in which they all lived at some point in their lives, a way to take Nashville with them on the road. 

But if it's singer/songwriter, down home material you are looking for, these guys from Nashville don't really have those influences to deal with, not on their self-titled EP at least. "Keep on Keeping On" focuses on Caleb's soaring vocals with a powerful message of perseverance. There's also some excellent chugging guitars. You can also catch their song "Caught Me By Surprise" on the 2014 compilation album Nashville Indie Spotlight. It's a mid-tempo rocker that shows off everything to love about this up and coming band- catchy melodies, excellent vocals, and uplifting lyrics. Keep your eye out for their debut full length album When We Were Younger in 2014. 

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