The Tennessee Whalers

Let's chalk it up to the fact that I just got through watching O' Brother Where Art Thou? 6 times in a row, (I teach for a living) but I am really digging The Tennessee Whalers. These harmonizing, down home, mandolin playing guys have exactly 2 songs for consumption and one of them is a Christmas song! Nevertheless, the Whalers aim to meld crystal clear harmonies with a modern edge. 

On their gently scathing song "Locks," they sing about a love that did quite a number on them begging her to give their heart back while simultaneously warning not to "come around here no more cause if you do I'll lock the door." These contradictions perfectly captures the confusing nature of a break-up that wasn't so easy. The Tennessee Whalers meld Americana folk with pop sensibilities much in the same way that other band cough-Mumford-cough does. "Locks" is just a taste and I would encourage everyone to definitely come around to listen to these guys more. Grab their free EP on NoiseTrade

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