Animal Years

5 months. That's how long it's been since I have been excited enough about a new band to blog about. (Digging For Days doesn't post, just to post) Animal Years kind of came out of clear blue sky for me. A perfect blend of indie rock and Americana blues, this Brooklyn based band hits all the right notes for those looking for an up and coming band. "Let Go of Your Head" is a pounding track with a blistering opening line, "I wish a woman would say what she feels instead of me wondering if this thing is real." (Hits a little too close for me) And it is the songwriting that separates Animal Years from the others. "Heart on Heart" beautifully sums up falling in love, "You should hear the sound of your heart on my heart."

Lead singer Mike McFadden's emotional, searing vocals are allowed to soar and will continually bring the listener back for seconds. On closing track "Walking Slow," the band let's their rockabilly flag fly with banjo front and center. Animal Years have something for everyone- amazing vocals, catchy melodies, meaningful lyrics. One thing is certain this band will not remain under the radar very long.

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