Sunset Sons

I love Tuesdays. It's a day where the music gods look down upon me and say, "Here you go. Try these bands out." And, boy, did they deliver today. Sunset Sons are 3 Brits and an Aussie who will undoubtedly be compared to Kings of Leon. Lead singer Rory Williams sounds uncannily like Caleb Followill in phrasing and tone. This quality alone will help Sunset Sons tune some ears. Their new EP No Bad Days, is a sonic adventure filled with hard driving piano, melodies, and superb vocals. 

On the catchy track "On the Road," Williams lets the verses fly at a breakneck speed before hitting the pounding chorus. This is a song that demands repeat listens and rewards the listener each time. "No Way Home" is bolstered by jittery guitar solos and pounding drums before calming down to a gentle refrain. 

Sunset Sons are melodic indie rock masters with their eyes set on the horizon of the rock scene. If this EP is any indication of where these guys are headed on their full length, don't expect these sons to fade into the sunset but rather rip the sky a new one. 

On the Road-

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