The Dead Trees

The Dead Trees are admittedly rough around the edges and even a little rough inside the edges. With very little production on their debut LP, King Of Rosa, The Dead Trees are spreading their brand of lo-fi garage rock. "But wait," you say, "Didn't garage rock die out with The Strokes?" Well, yes and no. The Trees do have an affinity for playing loud, sloppy (in a good way) and catchy music. There is definitely some semblance of The Strokes and even a little bit of The Walkmen to be heard here.

On their song Shelter, The Dead Trees are at their best- with guitar hooks and a chorus that practically begs the crowd to sing along. It may be a little in your face for some. But it's on the track Loretta, where the guys really find their groove. Everything comes to head here. It's got a catchy hook, jangling guitars, and focused vocals. The Dead Trees will be touring this fall with The Rosebud Thieves and getting to work on their 2nd album. Hopefully a little polish will be applied to let all the potential shine through without loosing any of the luster.

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The.CdC said...

The Dead Trees a my new fav band.

Anonymous said...

I've heard some of the new music; it blew me away.

This is definitely a band to keep an eye on.