Young the Giant

California based band Young the Giant (formerly The Jakes) sure have fallen into some great company. After their manager entered them into a contest to open up for Kings of Leon for a one night only set in Chicago, not only did they end up winning, but they've been building buzz ever since. Sometimes it takes a shot like opening for the Kings to get some of that limelight sprinkled your way.

Young the Giant has gone through several members. But have weathered the storm each and every time. With a brand new shiny record deal signed, the guys find themselves about to enter the studio to begin recording their first LP. They claim The Strokes, Colplay, and Radiohead as their influences. I can definitely hear some Strokes here and there. Young the Giant are a more cleaned up version. Lead singer Sameer Gahdia has a cavalier tone to his voice. It's effortless and completely laid back California.

Cough Syrup is one of their best songs with its acoustic guitar and simple melodies. It sweeps you up with its dream like sound and pounding chorus. Paid the Piper is a funky, bouncy piano driven tune with a snappy chorus. Check out their EP Shake My Hand. I haven't found a bad tune yet. Young the Giant are a buzzy band deserving of your attention, um right now.

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