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Build Me This by Joshua James

Joshua James was on my radar, but not really for the best reasons. I heard a few of his songs and wasn't that blown away. His voice was a quiet little thing, the music was quaint, and the whole vibe was just a little too coffee house for me. Well, all of that has changed with his new album and major label debut, Build Me This. And boy does the major label really suit him well.

James has amped up the guitars, amped up the volume, and stretches his voice like never before. He kicks off his album with Coal War, a sparse, cotton-picking spiritual that hits all the right notes lyrically and musically. Other highlights include Black July a barn-burner with throbbing guitars, and pounding drums. James turns a bit country on Annabelle, with fiddles and a toe tapping chorus making sure his Annabelle is feeling fine. (Are you well? Annabelle.

Build Me This showcases the electric side of Joshua James with riveting results. He does veer back into his folk roots on cuts like Kitchen Tile and In The Middle. Some of the more somber cuts are hit and miss musically. But one thing James has down pat is his way with words. He uses dark, heavy lyrics and keeps his aim true. Build Me This provides Joshua James with an excellent route into Americana blues; one of the best releases this year. A

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Kip, thank you so much for blogging this for the bands and for people like me that love to listen to them. You do a great service to us both.

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