Ben Rector

Not much can be found on the young Ben Rector. No background info. No hometown. Nothing. OK, I didn't search very long for it, but who needs context with talent like this guys got? I found Ben by combing through some Christmas music for a kick-ass Christmas mixed CD. He just released his own Christmas EP called Jingle and Bells. It's got the best version of Jingle Bells I've heard in a while and I HATE Jingle Bells. He turns it into a saloon, dance-hall piano driven affair complete with a background crowd talking and joining in on certain parts. You should really hear it for yourself.

But upon further investigation Mr. Rector is more than just a Christmas coverer. He is also a very great singer. I know some people are going to call him a Michael Buble copycat. And some are going to stop reading at the very mention of a guy who sounds like the Buble, but stay with me. Rector does sound similar but he is not a crooner. He is totally modern and way more likeable. His songs are true and hit in the heart. Take the closing track off last year's release Songs That Duke Wrote called Hank. It's a simple piano ballad written to his just born nephew. The lyrics are insightful advice to a new born life that will make any new parent cry. Guaranteed. When talking to Hank about his parents Rector sings They're the ones who always love you and support you/ they prayed for you before you stepped foot into this world/that's one thing that I've learned. Rector's voice isn't one that blows the speakers off the wall, but his tone and sincerity are enough to keep you hitting the repeat button.

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Jingle Bells

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