Fools & Horses

Combining tight guitar hooks, raspy vocals, and enough rock swagger to fill a dirty underground club, Fools & Horses are neither fools (I believe) nor horses (I think). Hailing from the DC area, they've built a solid local following and recorded 4 albums. So why haven't you heard of them? Well because you're lame. No, you're not lame. I hadn't heard of them either. All the guys share vocals responsibilities but Matt Hutchison leads the way with a voice that immediately draws you in. One of these Fools' best tracks is Selfish. With its slinky bass line, charging guitars, and a soaring chorus, it's an ode to all those self-absorbed women out there. (Let me tell you about the girl that I love/the one who don't love me). It's the perfect kiss-off anthem. Also be sure to check out the catchy We Have Arrived. Fools & Horses are currently touring behind their current album I Am the Ghost.

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