Dan Black

Here I go dipping my toe in electronica again. It's a scary place but Dan Black makes it all right. Black is a British electronica artist with a very pop sensibility. In between his cold back beats and wordy lyrics, Black infects his songs with hooks around every turn. Symphonies, his best track off his new album UN, is filled with, well, a symphony. Violins tangle and bend on a whim. It is very much an updated Bittersweet Symphony for the electronic set. Wonder is the song Oasis should have released to stay relevant.

Dan Black's voice isn't one of spectacular bombast, but he possesses a tone that keeps the songs interesting, fresh, and listenable. You can grab the physical copy here in the US on Feb. 23rd or get it now from iTunes. Definitely worth your time and head space.

Dan Black- Myspace

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