Ohio Avenue

It says it right on their website- "We're not from Ohio." OK? Now that that is taken care of, Ohio Avenue is the street lead singer Derek Williams grew up on in Indiana. Formed back in 2005, Ohio Avenue kind of falls into that Switchfoot category. You know the "Christian" band with "Christian" overtones. Some of y'all stopped reading right there. Christian bands can get a bad rap. Ohio Avenue, thankfully, don't beat you over the head with their lyrics. They fill their songs with meaning wrapped around a radio ready hook.

Their debut album The Sound is a solid pop/rock effort that boasts rollicking tracks such as Liar Liar and Running Away. Liar has a start/stop guitar lick and a chorus that will eat at your brain for a bit. With lines like, We look the other way and fall in love with the lies we create, it's safe to say that Ohio Avenue is aiming to say something about the society we live in. The Cure is a bit experimental with an echo effect that keeps the song fresh and interesting. Every song is hook laden and perfect for those who like solid pop/rock with substance.

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